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campbell   jakob   street   god   winter   church   vienna   dean   man   great   three   pete   simon   her   dance   christina   under   karin   square   eva   horror   alex   concert   scotland   austria   pierre   downtown   de   caroline   to   san   it   k750i   nine   reggae   pork   that   row   others   willy   bath   bici   plaza   writer   human   shaunna   shanna   cop   king   john   gtjames   empire state building   adam   phyllis   something   would   haze   lo   various   jamaica   joyce   move   dinner party   winnipeg   rare   alan   next   bruce   ethan   giant   gay   back   brothers   press   two   roof   angelo   months   they   jordan   last   branch   odysseus   roberts   bloom visits the maternity hospital where mina purefoy is giving birth and finally meets stephen who is drinking with buck mulligan and his medical student friends. they continue on to a pub to continue drinking following the successful birth of the baby. this chapter is remarkable for joyce's wordplay which seems to recapitulate the entire history of the english language to describe a scene in an obstetrics hospital from the carmen arvale:   holles   resembling   poetry:in   ward   wary   watcher   hearing   mildhearted   rising   swire   ywimpled   him   wide   undid.   levin   leaping  

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